What is a "blend" or "proprietary blend"?

A lot of 4Life's products contain blends of specific ingredients to target certain aspects of health. Within these blends are numerous ingredients and herbs chosen by our in-house scientists that were tested to show their effectiveness.

You can see the ingredients in each product by clicking on the profile sheet link that 4Life offers on each product. Some of the products do list the amounts, but for some it is listed as a “proprietary blend”. Unless the blend's weight is itemized on the profile sheet, there is no way to know how much of one ingredient is in a blend.  

This is what WebMD says about proprietary blends, “A "proprietary blend" is a combination of ingredients used only by one supplement manufacturer. No other company makes the exact same combination of ingredients, and, in most cases, you don't know from the label the exact amounts of each ingredient in that blend.” (1)

Also from the "OPPS" (THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT RESOURCE), “The specific amount of each individual ingredient in a proprietary blend does not have to be listed; only the total combined amount in the blend must be given. Ingredients in a proprietary blend should, however, be listed in descending order by weight.” (2)

So, in conclusion, it isn't possible to know what is in a proprietary blend unles 4Life discloses that information on one of their product focused Facebook videos. But 4Life does offer profile sheets for each product that allows you to see the features, ingredients, and functions of each product.

The DiamondsR4Life Team

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