I don't like pills, are there other ways to consume transfer factor?

4Life has many great options you could consume to get a full serving of transfer factor that is not in a capsule form.

RioVida® — packed with antioxidants

  1. RioVida Juice (liquid form)
  2. RioVida Stix (powdered form into water)
  3. RioVida Burst (gel form)
  4. RioVida Chews (gummy form)

Transfer Factor®

  1. RiteStart Kids and Teens (chewable)
  2. Immune Spray (Mint and Orange flavors)
  3. Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Chewable (citrus cream flavor)
  4. Pro-TF Protein (Vanilla and Chocolate flavors)
  5. Pre/o Biotics (take it like a pixy stix)
  6. Energy Go Stix (powdered form into water)

These are all great options. You can check out the profile sheets for each product, to analyze the ingredients and how much Transfer Factor is included, by going to the shop section on your My4Life website.

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