Do professional athletes consume 4Life products?

Yes! Team 4Life is a group of world-renowned athletes who enjoy using 4Life products as part of their training regimens.

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The newest addition to Team 4Life is —

Tatiana Pérez

Professional racecar driver and winner of the TC 2000 Columbia Class B Championship

Tatiana Pérez is a professional race car driver from Bogota Colombia. In 2018, she won the TC 20000 Colombia Class B Championship. She is the second female race driver in history to win a championship in this category and the first driver ever to win a championship with a JAC brand car.

She and her team are currently training to win the 2020 Class A TC 2000 Championship.

“My days are long and my energy requirements are high. Racing requires physical stamina, mental concentration, and a positive attitude. I love taking Pro-TF and Energy Go Stix on racing days.”

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