Can consuming collagen reduce the biological aging process of the skin?

There are two types of skin aging: intrinsic aging, which is hereditary, and extrinsic, which can be caused by a variety of environmental factors. Some of these environmental factors are ionizing radiation, severe physical and psychological stress, alcohol intake, poor nutrition, overeating, environmental pollution, and exposure to UV radiation (UVR).

As people grow older, intrinsic and extrinsic aging of the skin occurs, and must be protected against as much as possible.

Consuming hydrolyzed collagen is one major way you can help support the health of your skin. Collagen is a natural type of protein which makes up over 80% of a person’s skin. As we age, the natural production of collagen lessens overtime.

4Life® has a great hydrolyzed collagen product you can consume. I love it! I will be consuming it for the rest of my life. You can learn more about Transfer Factor® Collagen product here.

Some other important tips to increase the health of your skin are:

1.    Protecting your skin from harmful UV Rays. Use sunscreen and protective clothing. I use an umbrella. ☂

2.    Maintaining daily stress. You can do this through quiet time, meditation, breathing exercises, learning to think correctly when faced with challenges and through proper supplementation. Check out Reflexion® here and the CalmaVida™ here.

3.    Treat your skin correctly during daily sanitary routines:

         Use gentle products to shower and bathe with. I use the enummi® body wash. You can view that product here.

         When you bathe or shower, pat your skin dry instead of harshly rubbing it dry.

         Exfoliate the skin regularly. I use enummi® Spa Body Scrub. You can view that product here.

         Use nutrient dense and natural body lotion after showering or bathing and as needed to keep the skin properly moisturized. I use enummi® Instensive Body Lotion or the enummi® Spa Body Butter.

4.    Eat a healthy diet. Make sure you maintain a balanced diet. Check out 11 tips to maintain a healthier diet from WebMD here. Because it is hard to get everything we need through our diets alone I use supplements to help bridge that gap in my own health. I consume a variety of 4Life products to help support my daily health needs like the RioVida®, Aloe Vera, Pre/o Biotics®, Bountiful Harvest® Plus, NutraStart® Shake, and MultiPlex™.

5.    Add a vitamin c supplement to your daily regimen. 4Life does have a vitamin c supplement you can consume. Life C® chewables combine seven slightly different, food complex forms of vitamin C to help increase nutrient absorption and maximize benefits throughout the body*.

6.    Get plenty of sleep. If you struggle to get good sleep you can try SleepRite AMJ® product or an over the counter Melatonin supplement before bed. You can also try diffusing CalmaVida™ essential oil at your bedside.

Drink PLENTY of water.

Lauren Nichole Roberts

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