Why is it important to get enough sleep?

Sleep. 😴 What a fun word. When I think about sleep I remember as a kid running away from my bed. I did not want to take a nap or go to bed at bedtime. Those were some of the worst words you could say to me. 🤣 As an adult, that bed is a soft embrace I look forward to. I am sure you can relate to this. LOL.

Sleep is so important to support optimal physical and emotional health. Check out this article from Medical News Today that shares the importance of getting enough sleep.

When we sleep, our body repairs itself from the damage accumulated that previous day and prepares our bodies for the next day. This is when our body can focus 100% on repair and rejuvenation. During the day, our body is doing this as well but it also has to keep up with everything going on in your day to day life.

I know it can be tempting to cut your sleep short. I have done this myself. But it is important to not make this a long term habit. When I cut my sleep short, I notice my mental capacity is not the same. I have learned, I get more done more efficiently with the right amount of sleep. There are scientific reasons for this. Here is one study by Harvard University referencing sleep and mental health.

In conclusion, get your sleep!

Lauren Nichole Roberts 

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