Why is it important to drink water?

Water is essential for us to consume. Approximately 60% of the human body is made up of water. Without enough water, our bodies are not able to function correctly.

Check out this presentation by WebMD.

Without enough water in our systems, it causes a chain reaction of problems both short term and some will be long term. Your body cannot even absorb the nutrients you consume without enough water. Your body can not detoxify itself without enough water. You cannot produce new cells properly without enough water. This is a major cause behind cell mutation and premature age! What! Crazy!

Water is a very VITAL thing to make sure you are getting enough of each day. When I say water, I mean WATER! Not juice, tea, coffee, soda (especially soda LOL)! Good, pure water.

I had a problem drinking enough water. I noticed when I did not focus on my water intake, I did not drink enough throughout the day. I came up with systems to help me drink enough water.

Did you know there are apps that have been created to help remind you to drink water? I have one of those apps. I love it! It keeps you focused and on track with your daily water intake even at your busiest moments.

Another tip I have learned is I carry water on my wherever I go, whenever I can. When I travel, that does make it harder. But I have also come up with systems when I travel like:

  • drinking water on the plane instead of a soda, tea or coffee beverage. I ask for extra if i have had a hard time getting enough. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK. You can also purchase bottled water on most flights.
  • drinking water with my meals instead of other drink options
  • purchasing 1 or 2 bottles of water during delays or while switching planes. I drink one before I get on the plane and 1 during the flight. On International flights that are longer I will purchase more water to have on me and purchase more on the flight if needed.

Drinking enough water is important enough to become aware of in your daily life. YOU NEED to make sure you are doing what it takes to get yourself consuming enough water.

Some people I have interacted with told me they do not like water. My suggestion to them is to realize sometimes you have to do things you don't like at the moment because the result is worth it. For those of you that do not like drinking water, think about the end results of your overall health and discipline your mind to realize its worth. Then you need to encourage yourself to do it. Some individuals I know reward themselves by allowing themselves by allowing themselves to have some juice or something they enjoy. That is another thing you can do.

In conclusion, drink enough water! You will notice the results are definitely worth it. 

Be Blessed.

Lauren Nichole Roberts

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