How can I improve the health of my gut?

Eating a balanced diet, getting exercise, getting enough sleep, consuming enough fiber, and drinking plenty of water are things you can do to support better gut health.

It is very important to also make sure you maintain a healthy amount of good bacteria to outnumber the bad bacteria.

I consume a few things personally to help support my gut health.

  1. 4Life's™ Pre/O Biotics© which contains both pre-biotics and pro-biotics in a consumable bead-let form that releases throughout your entire gut. It is the only Pre/O Biotic in the world that is powered with 4Life's* Transfer Factor! Check out this video that features the power of combining transfer factor with other nutrients and why transfer factor is unparalleled.
  2. 4Life's* Aloe Vera which does a number of things. Find out more here.
  3. NutraStart© by 4Life™ which contains protein, fiber and other nutrients.
  4. 4Life's* Digest4Life™ Tea.
  5. 4Life's* Digestive Enzymes with every meal and when I take my vitamins to help my body break down the nutrients better.

Be Blessed.

Lauren Nichole Roberts

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