Is it important to have a healthy gut?

Yes. It is VERY important to have a healthy gut. Your gut hosts a large amount of good bacteria that helps you break down food into usable nutrients and hosts 80% of your immune system!

It is important to make sure the good bacteria in your gut outnumber the bad bacteria. When you have enough good bacteria, they will keep the bad bacteria at bay.

The health of our gut plays a major role in the overall health of our bodies. Scientists have even found the health of our gut can effect our emotional well-being.

In 2019 I went through a tough time. I found out I was extremely compacted. Parts of my colon were stretched out 6 inches. I have struggled with constipation since I was an infant. I did not know how bad I felt because I was used to feeling bad. I got to the point I was compacted all the way through both my large and small intestine and I threw up fecal matter. It was literally one of the worst things I have been through health wise.

I had to work hard to get myself into better health. It took 25 colonics (where I had 25 gallons of water pumped through my gut each session), a special diet and exercise plan, consuming natural laxatives, drinking TONS of water and replenishing my gut with good bacteria and nutrients.

Through this, I learned how VITAL our gut health is. I was getting sick A LOT and was not processing nutrients. You could see my bones through my skin. I was eating, but it was not being broken down. When I did use the restroom it would pass around the compaction undigested.

I was very exhausted ALL THE TIME. I was very nauseated. I was miserable but at the time had no idea I was. I know it sounds crazy but I think sometimes we get used to not feeling well and don't know we are not at our best.

I went to the doctor to look into my ongoing nausea again (I have dealt with nausea since I was a child). This is when they discovered how extremely compacted I was. It became urgent to get me cleaned out. We jumped right on this and I was able to overcome this obstacle of a distended bowel.

Now I feel like a new person! I am healthier with more energy and can even think better. I have personally experienced the importance of a healthy gut. I know the difference it can make in a person's health.

PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT!!! I would not wish what I had to go through on my worst enemy. To learn more about how you can improve your gut health check out this post

Lauren Nichole Roberts

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