Why is it important to exercise?

Exercise is very important to help us reach our best health. Being active:

I have noticed a significant difference in my overall health since I started incorporating regular exercise in my day. It has helped my feel better both physically and emotionally.

I use to struggle wanting to exercise. But once I started getting into the habit. I realized each time that I felt better after each workout. I also found things I enjoyed.

If you are someone that is not a big fan of the thought of exercise, think outside the box. Try new things! You will most likely find something you do like.

Here are some fun exercise ideas:

Play an active game —

  • baseball or softball
  • jump rope
  • ice or roller skating
  • bowling
  • tennis
  • swimming or water aerobics
  • golf
  • ping pong
  • playing frisbee golf or just throwing a frisbee
  • volleyball
  • kick ball
  • racket ball
  • dance
  • take your kids to the park and participate pushing them in a swing or on the merry-go-round
  • hopscotch
  • laser tag
  • paintball (AHH... you better prepare yourself with a few extra layers of clothes though! 😂 LOL)

Go on a walk — You don't have to go alone! Ask someone to go with you or take your furry friend along.

  • use a treadmill, stair stepper or elliptical
  • take nature walk.
  • go to a local park to walk around and feed the ducks or birds (This is one of my favorite things to do 😃)
  • take a walk around your local mall

Take a local or online aerobics class, like Zumba™

Go on a bike ride

Go horseback riding

Take a hike

Yard work

ANOTHER TIP: Do you have a job that requires you to sit a lot? Move your feet while you sit, or walk around a little on your breaks.

It is important to exercise. I know we get busy and feel too tired sometimes. But push through those moments and you will find yourself eventually looking forward to getting a little exercise. Be blessed!

Lauren Nichole Roberts

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